Saturday, February 18, 2012

The girl in the RED stilettos!

I must say I am quite the simple girl, I love my little black dresses. Well in some cases, my knee length black dresses, for my special events. I also LOVE my red shoes! Yes, everyone makes fun of me, and asks me if I click my heels will I return to Kansas! Or ask me if the pointy toes shoes, should be sticking out from under a house! I laugh, and take a sip of my vodka and sprite, and walk off, before I flick them in the nose.

I am quite the "firecracker" as Charlie says. I like to have things my way, and I like to have fun! I have a nice set of brass balls, and I'm not afraid of a challenge! Men are lucky, they have it easy. They don't give birth, they don't have cramps, or PMS. They don't have to prove themselves, as much as we do! I spend most of my days, proving that I am more than just a pretty face with fake boobs, and veneers! I actually have a brain, I can spell, and I speak proper English. I love when people walk up to strike up a conversation with me, they dumb down whatever they are trying to tell me. Only for me to respond, just to see that "deer in the headlights" look on their face.

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