Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, she's a gold digger.. that digs on me...

So why do men LOVE  gold diggers, and attention whores?? What gets men off by having some selfish, self absorbed, and on most cases I've seen.. unattractive, little girl want them? Is it some weird psychological fatherly instinct? Is it they think they can't get a real woman? Why do those guys get defensive when you call them a player? The way I look at it, is some girls for some reason have horrible insecurities. It keeps them from being the person they wish they could aspire to be, and it turns them into lime light chasing wannabes! I guess it's too much for a successful man to want a successful woman, because then who would wear the pants in the relationship? God forbid a powerful woman, who is normal finding a powerful man.

Then again, I can't say it surprises me! I go around uptown Charlotte, I look at the men, who are taking home a different girl every night, buying every girl they see a drink, and they look proud. Just like daddy lion when he brings home a zebra caucus for his cubs, and lioness. It makes men feel proud to be the ones who get the most, the won who wins the race, they have with their inner ego! Oh, have you seen the chicks, when they see a shiny new car, or a group of guys sitting in a VIP section, ordering bottles of belvedere. Those guys know your game! Surprisingly they have whore-dar! They can spot you! Don't worry they are just as stupid as you, so it won't be any battle of wits, so go ahead gold diggers, take a sigh of relief! You wont actually have to think!

It's people like this who ruin society! I really hate when you give someone a chance, just to find out they are wrapped around one of those, girls fingers! I hate to bring it to your attention, but there is more to relationships than money, fast cars, and your social status! It surprises me when I meet someone just to find out, they are in fact the person that I despise! Even though his friends tell you he's such a good guy, and you put yourself on the line. Just to find out all they want to do is use you and lie to you! Seriously? I'm not one of these dumb girls who only wants to be eye candy, and love you for your money! I actually have my own opinions, and am not afraid to say whats on my mind!

Then again, you tell them what you really think, they get confused. Thank that digger for that! All those mind games she's been playing on him, confuses his little man brain! He actually thinks you are talking about someone else! "Sweetie, I'm so sorry he made you feel that way"
"Umm who are you referring to? I was talking about you!" Then they freak out! Holy strawberry Batman, you don't care! They don't know what to do, except... Yep, you got it LIE!
They have no clue what you're talking about, then they try to reel you back in. Hmmm what move can they make on this life size chess board. They try to cover their ass by playing the game, they've been played with! Just for you, yes you Powerful Woman, you! You, to Check, Mate!

Then the game ends, they start asking you really unusual questions, because they realize they have lost, and you are in fact the master! You know these questions have to do with another girl, even though they don't admit it! They still hope you are kinda dumb, and wont figure it out. Now to the best part! They have lied so much, they don't think they are going to get caught! GOD FORBID, that girl the attention whore, I was referring to, post everything!!! Hmmm.. excuse me Mister, would you like to pick your dignity up off the floor, or just let your balls continue to shrivel up and fall off?

The fun part? They are dumb enough not to understand, that you actually get whats going on! You thought you met a normal guy, that was sweet, and real! I mean, someone I trust, tells me, go for it! Then when I tell that friend I'm done, he tells me not to! I listen! Guess what happens... Come on take a wild guess... Yea! You're right, He's full of it, fuller than before! There is so much drama! I think every man needs to ask himself, if he was himself, but didn't have the money, the cars, or the houses, would these gold diggers, and attentions whores want anything to do with them?? I highly doubt it, when you guys loose it all, they will not be there to pick up the pieces! Hopefully, you haven't pissed off the real woman, who you decided to push to the side, and she's there with a broom and dustpan in hand!

I hope this makes a lot of you think, deep and hard! Look carefully at the people you surround yourself with!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The girl in the RED stilettos!

I must say I am quite the simple girl, I love my little black dresses. Well in some cases, my knee length black dresses, for my special events. I also LOVE my red shoes! Yes, everyone makes fun of me, and asks me if I click my heels will I return to Kansas! Or ask me if the pointy toes shoes, should be sticking out from under a house! I laugh, and take a sip of my vodka and sprite, and walk off, before I flick them in the nose.

I am quite the "firecracker" as Charlie says. I like to have things my way, and I like to have fun! I have a nice set of brass balls, and I'm not afraid of a challenge! Men are lucky, they have it easy. They don't give birth, they don't have cramps, or PMS. They don't have to prove themselves, as much as we do! I spend most of my days, proving that I am more than just a pretty face with fake boobs, and veneers! I actually have a brain, I can spell, and I speak proper English. I love when people walk up to strike up a conversation with me, they dumb down whatever they are trying to tell me. Only for me to respond, just to see that "deer in the headlights" look on their face.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I am the girl your father warned you about!

I've always been the one to go after anything I wanted! I'm not afraid to step on toes, and I make sure I dig my three inch stiletto deep into your big toe! I don't only march to the beat of my own drum, I dance to it! I never wanted to be the old lady, who sits in her favorite chair, while working on her needle point, and wondering what I did with my life. I get involved in everything I can. I've stared in short films, played extras in movies, been in commercials, ran over a guy with a truck, and got paid for it! I've protested against unconstitutional laws, I'm not afraid to speak my mind, I love getting my hands dirty.

I was speaking with someone today, when they asked me what would happen if I were to be attacked by someone. I smiled and said, they better hope I don't have my bat! Only for them to look back at me and say "you know they make pepper spray?" Only for me to laugh, and tell them i'm much faster with a bat, than pepper spray! I've done a lot of things in my life I'm not proud of. I've been in situations, where the only thing I could do was pray. I wasn't even sure if anyone was listening, yet, I prayed as hard as I could! I fought the battle against drugs, against stupidity, and made it to where I am today!

I never thought in a million years, or even a few years ago when I was still with my ex, yet, fearing for my life everyday. That I would be the person I am today! I learned a lot in those five years, I never take shit from anyone, I yell, I scream, and I get my point across! I do what I want, and enjoy getting what I want! I decided a few years ago, that Karma will play a major role in your life! You can either do what's right and benefit, or be a weasel, and become Hammurabi's bitch! I don't know about you, but, I like having both my eyes, as well as both my hands. I also remember Hilter's scene in Little Nicky. I don't want any pineapples shoved up my bum!

I feel that life is for living, make a difference, live hard, live long, life is too f'n short to do otherwise! Drink a mimosa for breakfast, eat candy for dinner! Get your way! Dance around your house in your underwear, get crazy, go sky diving, ride a horse! Do what makes you happy! Who cares what anyone else thinks! Hell, just the other day, I was feeling down, so, I asked the homeless man near my house, if he could have anything for dinner tonight what would it be. He looked at me, and said.. he could never collect enough money for what he really wanted. I told him, if he told me what he really wanted, whatever it was. I would make sure he would have it for dinner! Needless to say he had a feast!

There are plenty of things you can do everyday, to show faith in humanity!