Monday, April 23, 2012

Here we go again..

When do you decide it's time to start looking for your perfect mate? Do you just get tired of being lonely? Is it just time to grow up, and become and adult? Time to start living "The American Dream"? Well for me, it just means that I have become incredibly bored with the idea of entertaining myself. 

Don't get me wrong, I always get hit on.. It just seems like they are the wrong ones for me. Then again, I think to myself what is my "type"? Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers? Tattooed biker guy? Clean cut  JFK look-a-like? Umm yea, how about we roll all that into one person. Is that possible? Can you genetically design the perfect mate? Yea right! 

I love going out and looking around. Looking at the couples I see, and thinking to myself. How did they meet? Where did they meet? What made them click?  In-fact, how does match making work? What attracts you to someone? Is it the special twinkle in their eye? They way their hair is combed? I look at people when I meet them, and size them up (I am not going to lie). I look at their eye color, check for any scars that appear to the naked eye. I dated a guy years ago, who had this large weird scar, by one of his eyes. I asked him what happened. All he said was "beer bottle." I asked him to leave. 

I also always wonder if I am anyone's type... I am crazy, obnoxious, loud, free spirited, and I have tattoos, and want many more. Some people tell me, that it's not something that people look for. Then again, I just don't care.  Why should I? I am not going to change for anyone. I am me, hear me roar. Hahaha, I just re read that it made me smile and giggle. Everyone at the coffee house is looking at me like I am crazy! Oh well, I am! 

Ok, I really have no idea what to write about obviously! I just noticed, I haven't written in a while. Figured I'd give you guys something to ponder on, especially while I am still working on the Rabbit Hole Survey.


  1. Be yourself and don't change for anyone. The right one always comes along...especially when you're not looking ;-)

  2. That is true be yourself like I said I don't know ya that well but your very good looking funny and smart your day will come he's out there some were keep your chin up and SMILE don't hide that every haha ps you should know who this is sexy eyes and smile haha be good

  3. You should never change for no one you be yourself ya never know he could be someone ya know our someone ya know but don't know and tats are cool cuz I have 4 working on 5 So be yourself the right will always come your way