Sunday, June 17, 2012

Excuse Me Mr. Creeper

So, friday night, I meet a girl friend of mine out at a local bar. I make my way through the slightly crowded top bar to find my friend at the back bar which is called "the yard." I find my friend talking to a man, we will call this man Max! She introduces us, and we all start talking. My friend brings up a conversation we were having earlier in the day, about  a bra that I had purchased.

Ok, so this will make sense, I will recap the earlier event for you! I had gone shopping a few days earlier, Victoria's Secret, was having their semi annual sale! I dislike shopping so in a rush to get what I wanted and get out, I grabbed a nude colored bra in my size (36D) and made a dash for the register! Well what I failed to realize is that the bra I had chosen was from their Gorgeous line! It adds two cup sizes. Which I still think is odd that they make them for D cups! This bra makes me a 36F! Umm yea, no thanks! Well earlier friday, while getting ready, I tried the bra on with the shirt I was planning on wearing that evening. The shirt wouldn't fit, due to adding two cup sizes to my already large chest! I texted my friend telling her the hilarious story about the bra, and how my shirts failed to fit, while wearing said bra!

She brings up this conversation in Max's presence, so I relay the same story I did for you! My friend leaves to fetch a drink, and leaves me with Max. Max introduces me to as I like to call him Mr. Creeper! Max looks at Creeper, and asks him to guess my bra size! Creeper looks  befuddled at the question. He then introduces himself to me, and Max points out that he is Canadian. I did not know that this conversation would lead to Mr. Creeper standing over my shoulder the entire night.

I don't understand why men, get some creepy sometimes. Do they really think we find it amusing that they stalk us out like prey? Maybe, that is just me, but, I find it menacing!

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  1. Because men think women are a piece of meat witch is total bs cuz there not I am a man and I find it totally ignorant that men have to do that sorry

    I don't think I should tell ya who it is this time haha