Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm not a junkie for your love.. I'm not a junkie...

I know I always bitch and complain about my failed dates, relationships, etc.. Hey everyone has a niche, right? Yes, mine is a little jaded.. Yet, I have a right to voice what I think, and you have a choice wether or not you want to sit here for a few minutes and read it.

A few things I have noticed on the road to meeting the perfect mate, is people are desperate, and rude. A few months ago I met a guy off a well known dating site, we me for lunch. I was standing at the door of the sushi joint, as he walks up ( I already didn't want to go on this "date" he begged me to go) He looks at me and says, he wants to day drink. At that point I go to my car, sit there and start driving home, my phone buzzes with a text saying  "I'm not interested sorry" my response, "You're not the only one, I am almost home. Good luck in your search" Then two days ago, I get an email from the douche bag saying how sorry he was, guess he saw my new pictures I had uploaded) that he felt like an ass.. blah, blah, blah! Whatever! I respond saying, "GOOD BYE" Really? What an ass.

  • One thing you guys need to know is, if you are trying online dating here's a few tips! 
  • Do not only provide us with pictures you have taken of yourself. It makes us think you have no friends! 
  • Do not pose in front of your trailer! Actually please do so we are aware of your living situation! 
  • When you take bathroom pictures, we can tell if you still live with your mom.
  • Always have a full body photo, not wearing a sports coat or a suit, so we can see what you really look like

If you occasionally play sports, or occasionaly hit the gym.. and not built athletic, don't say that you are! We are asking your actual body type, not what you think you see when you look in the mirror!
We don't actually care about height, as long as you don't mind us towering over you while were wearing heels.

If we don't immediatley get back to you, don't blow up our email asking why we're not responding! That will make your chance go right down the drain!

In all reality! We are all looking for something real. Even though, I am sure that I am quite different than other females. I hate roses, I'd rather get dasies. I don't want to be around you twenty four-seven! I want to spend time with my friends, and have my own life! Trust me, it can be balanced! If you trust someone enough, you should be able to prove it. Then again, I have been single five years this month. My ex was jelous, obsessive, angry, and abusive! I learned my lesson. I've also been single by choice. I guess just waiting to be swept off my feet! Good Luck to all in Love.

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