Monday, December 3, 2012

Get over yourself.. goodbye!

Ok, ladies... if you break up with someone, it's OVER O-V-E-R!!! What don't you understand? There is obviously a clear reason, why the pair of you weren't good together. Come on pull up that mental list out of the "ex" section of your brain! Did he leave his socks all over the floor? Did he use your razor? Did he leave the toilet seat up? Did he realize that you are a whole bag of crazy??? Seriously, Exes are exes for a reason!
The first guy I ever dated was a musician. He was a great guy. Divorced, had a little girl, a house, a nice car, great job. Crazy as sh*t ex wife, who wanted him to pay for her everything! His ex wife lived in Raleigh, when she found out about me, she wanted my entire biography! My age, weight, height, hair color, even what size bra I wore! She made sure she ruined any happiness he could possibly have! Trust me, having my first boyfriend, and dealing with this was waaaay to much for me at the time!
Another thing why is it both parties always assume the other one is crazy and lying?? I'll have a girl tell me she dated someone, and the guy will tell me they were only friends! The girl flips out, and the dude stays calm. I mean there is a HUGE difference between being friends with someone, and dating someone. Just because you guys go eat with some friends, and he picks up your dinner, does not make him your boyfriend. It's just means he's actually nice! I never say anything bad about my exes, unless it's true! Trust me, with the last one  I went through hell and back, and made it out alive.
These crazy drama queens, make the guys think we are all like this! That sucks for the 3% of us who are actually normal! I had a guy tell me two days ago, "You're beautiful and hate drama, thats awesome!" Umm yea, I don't want the stigma of crazy bitch! Seriously ladies, stop being trashy, stop hooking up with guys just because they asked how you're doing. I recently ran into a friends ex boyfriend (who I hate, he makes my skin crawl) As I was leaving he walked up to me, asking how she was, and if she was dating anyone. I told him not that I was aware of. He looked me in the eye with his drunken stupor, and said "yea, I'm not surprised, she tries to hard.. She's in such a hurry to get hitched" I just smiled, and walked off.
Another thing, you crazy girls are scaring the guys away! Here's a few things you DO NOT talk about, or bring up in the first 3-6 months of dating (unless it's a joke, and you both get it)
1. Marriage
2. How many children you want, or what your kids would look like, or be named!
3. Joint anything! (ie bank accounts, house, car, pet, etc)

For some reason, people especially women become stupid when they think they could have possibly found "the one" FYI, if it's the first date and you are thinking he's the one you are a fucking moron.. There is someone out there for everyone, but trust me honey! He is more than likely not it. You may see sparks as he walks through the door, but if that happens everytime you meet a guy, you should stop dating for awhile, and just focus on yourself. You need to find out who you are, and what exactly you want. Trust me when I say this, my last boyfriend, when I first saw him, everything was slow motion and I felt all fuzzy. Then after about a year and a half it turned to nausea and fear. Also, never settle for someone who seems like he may turn into the guy you've always wanted.. Now take a deep breath, and re evaluate everything!
Good day!

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