Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh nice guys finish last, when you are the outcast.

So I recently had a guy friend ask me about the "Nice Guys Finish Last" stigma. He said he had seen a video on YouTube with a girl talking about the subject. He asked me to watch the video, then tell him what I thought. Well, if you have read this blog at all, or even know me.. You know I speak my mind! So here it goes!

Being a female, dating is hard.. Being married is even harder! Every guy we go on a date with is always "the nice guy" at the beginning. Then he fucks up! I could end there, but what fun would that be? One thing that always sends up a red flag to me, is when in fact a guy says "nice guys always finish last, Mary Jo won't give me a chance!" Well.. My first question is always.. Why are you single? Followed by.. What happened to your last girlfriend? (God forbid, if you start quoting Train lyrics, I will never speak to you again!) In no way shape or form am I saying, that the end of any relationship is the mans fault! 

If you tell me things like.. She didn't like that you play video games all day, or  you came home drunk almost every night, or any fight ever became physical.. Then yea, You just might not be a good guy! Like for instance, a recent ex of mine who I refer to as "tattoo boy" ALWAYS accused me of cheating!!! Really?? I was around him at some point everyday!!! We texted or talked on the phone through out the day!! At what point would I have any time to cheat? Then I find out recently, that he is the one who was fucking around! Tisk tisk! 

Also, another thing.. When dating, you may be a nice guy.. You may also be annoying! If we do not seem interested, it doesn't mean try harder! When we say fuck off, we mean it.. Especially, if the female is out of your league. Because in that case, the male always becomes stupid, and only wants what he can't have! I met a guy two years ago. I wasn't interested in him by any means, and told him. One night, I was at work.. He showed up as I was sitting at the bar talking to one of my guy friends. Dude flipped out. Then the texts started, when I stopped responding, then came the emails.. Yea.. Can you imagine, how I took that? When I didn't respond to his "I'm a nice guy just give me a chance" emails.. He started showing up at my work again. The only chance I was giving this "nice guy" was to hit the road before I filed for a restraining order!

I'm bored with this for now ;) 

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  1. That's what I like about you tell it how it is don't hold your tounge haha ��