Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She's going for distance.. She's going for speed... SHE IS ALL ALONE

I'm so tired of watching my girlfriends, meet the perfect guy for them... Just to find out that guy needs to do one little thing!! Grow a pair! 

When I hear my friends talking about how things may not be working out, I start asking questions! I tell them to start from the begining. I ask, did you bring up marriage too soon? Talk about how you're biological clock is ticking, and you're ready to pop out a few? Are you texting or calling him too much, posting to many comments on his facebook posts, or posting too many that relate to him? Then I dig deeper. I ask what this guy does, where does he live, any children, crazy exes, I even tell them to google the guy, and look him up on the arrest inquiry for where he lives! Yea, I know it sounds crazy!  It's saved me quite a few times! My roommate started "seeing" a guy recently lets call him... (hmm what would be a good name??) Let's call him.. George!  George seemed like a really nice guy! I approved of him from the get go! Nice guy, successful, even had an adorable little girl!  Seemed to me a great guy for her! George lives in Asheville, where as most of you know is only a couple hours away! That made Lil' Georgie a lil' nervous! I"m sorry, but only two hours away, isn't bad! After all, if I knew I had feelings for someone, and I wanted to make it work, I don't care if they were one of Santa's helpers, living at the North Pole, I would make it work.

Dating as much as I hate it, shouldn't be feared! Well, let me rephrase that! The people you meet can be a bit scary, but, you never know that next frog you kiss could turn into a prince! Yea, I know I seem like an angry cold hearted bitch, (don't worry, it's ok! I call myself that) I do have a little insight! I mean after all, I just met a guy who I'm completely into , and guess what? He lives in Seattle! 

I came up with an idea this summer with a friend of mine, who I recently found out wasn't a friend who I thought she was! That we were going to start out own website.. I'm actually going to go through with it! I have quite a bit to say.. as anyone who knows me may know! Until someone ties me up, and sews my mouth shut, I'm going to keep talking! It's not like my big mouth hasn't gotten me into plenty of trouble already! It hasn't stopped me yet!

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