Monday, June 20, 2011

You've got a friend

So why is it, once you enter a relationship, you no longer have your friends? Is it a rule, that once you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, your boyfriends and girlfriends are no longer of importance?  Girls get jealous of their boyfriends female friends, and vice versa! If you care about someone, shouldn't you take them as they are? When you meet that person, do you customize them? Make them change their hair color, change the way they dress? No! You love everything about them.
I learned a long time ago, when I was in a situation where; my friends were not good for me, and the way I dressed wasn't appropriate. However, his friends were good for me, and whatever he wanted to do was appropriate! I hate to break it to you boys out there! Just because you have a penis doesn't make you king!
For you ladies out there, who do the same thing... You are not the queen!
When it comes to relationships, you shouldn't change your whole life around, to make that person happy! If you are someone they want to be with, they should like everything about you! You should still be allowed to live your life, and "do you"
 There has been plenty of times, where I've had guy friends, who I would hang out with, watch movies, play scrabble, etc... THEY WERE JUST FRIENDS!!  Then they get girlfriends, and adios! I never see them, or talk to them anymore. They are gone, luckily because of Facebook, and having girlfriends who take pictures of EVERYTHING they do, I know they are still kickin!
The way I look at it, is... If your friends were there before the significant other, they are going to be there after! I learned my lesson before, I got rid of my friends, then... When I had to leave my ex, I had to beg for forgiveness from my friends! That was a lot of arse to kiss!
That is a subject every couple needs to talk about! Surprisingly people have just friends! Also the way it boils down, is if you are that insecure about something that ridiculous... It's not going to work! Another if you are constantly accusing them of  cheating or whatever it may be, we immediately think you have a guilty conscious  and that is your way of  coming clean.

Friends are forever, boyfriends and girlfriends are easily replaceable!

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  1. I just got out of a relationship like that. It is like you summed up my whole relationship in this blog. I was just to stupid to see what was happening. The good thing is that life will go on. I just have a lot of ass kissing to do.

    Brian Spruill
    ( Facebook )