Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love you.... but...

We've all been there! I know I have. You are in love someone, you're happy, thinking about the future! Then one day... You wake up, wonder what happened to that plan you had, about your future. You roll out of bed, hoping HE doesn't wake up, because you don't even want to hear his voice, because it gets on your nerves. You tip toe into the kitchen to make coffee, then realize the noise may possibly wake him. Well, you run back into the bedroom hurry up and get ready for work, there will be coffee when you get there. As your getting ready to leave you hear the grumbling of your loved one asking what your doing. You swallow your disgust and hatred, walk over, and say.. Don't worry baby, go back to sleep i'm off to work! Give him a quick kiss, and make a run for it!
When you get to work, you look at your friend and ask... "When do you know when it's time to leave" For her just to look back at you, and respond "If you're asking that question... then it's time!" Your phone is vibrating on the counter.. His ears must be burning. You unlock your blackberry to see it.. a text reading (from him) What's wrong? You're acting different! You think about what to say that can get you in the least amount of trouble. Baby, I'm fine, just tired, haven't been sleeping well. When in fact you know you want to grab your dog, and run.. run far away, and FAST!
The sad part... it what helped you come to the conclusion that it was time, is a song by The Pussycat Dolls, you heard on So You Think You Can Dance, the night before! Who knew they could be some philosophical?
The question is... If you feel so deeply about someone so deeply, how can you fall out of love with them so quickly? Were you ever in love with them to begin with, or were they just convenient? How do you know?? Is there a way to find out before you waste all of those years, on nothing? Maybe I'll explore this next...

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