Monday, September 12, 2011

Who is the little guy?

 Most guys treat sex like car problem, bigger wrench, pull/push harder, etc. When in essence all you have to do to bond and have mind blowing sex is form a real and true connection-- almost on any level. Once you do that, the gloves are off. Patience pays when it comes to women and real sex.. That's according to my friend Robert! Which is very true! That's one thing I have never truly understood.. Sex on the first date? What's the point?

First of all, you have to mental connection! Second of all, how much do you know about this person? What's their last name? Do they have any siblings? When is their birthday??  I'm told by many of my guy friends, that if you sleep with them on the first date, they will never have a serious relationship with you!

Then why do they try? C'mon their guys, they only really truly think with the head that's being held back by their flashy button up fly! I do wonder when they are on that first date... hmmm... when do they decide if they are going to try? Is it part of their stupid little game they play to get you to jump into bed (or the backseat depending on what kinda girl you are)? I've met plenty of guys, that when I've said it's not going to happen, they move on! Their loss not mine!

Still my favorite is still the guy who gets drunk intentionally, and then looks at you and says... "So where am I sleeping?"
Just for me to look right back over, and say... "Your house if you can make it, i'll even walk you to your car!"  Today in this world, just like Lil' Kim said... If a guy has three girls than he's the man, if a girl do they same then she's a whore! So who came up with that? some jerk with little man syndrome?

My whole reason isn't to bash men... They have good tendencies.. They mow grass, open jars, lift heavy things, and some are just pretty to look at! Ooooh nothing better than a tall man with muscles and tattoos, not wearing a shirt lifting something heavy, and wiping the sweat from his brow... ok, snap out of it, enough day dreaming! Or is it enough... lalalala

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  1. Very well put you are a smart lady