Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada, basic bitches wear that shit, so I don't even bother!

So, what is with the way I see men dressed uptown? It's June, 90 degrees outside you idiots  are wearing sports coats, and you're sweating!! Really? I understand you want to look appealing to us, but, seeing you all sweating, wiping your forehead with your sleeve, hand, or cocktail napkin.. IS NOT CUTE!! Oh, and what is with the pink, purple, blue, and green, stripes with paisley print shirts? Some men they look great on! However, you must realize pastels, aren't for everyone, and Easter only comes once a year! I appologize as always to anyone I may offend in this process, actually I don't care if I offend you.

I just don't understand how men,have become so bouchee, when did this happen? Trust me, I'd much rather my man be wearing nice jeans, a t-shirt, maybe even  a crips button up, basic leather shoes. I just can't seem to trust a man who wears alligator shoes. Especially if they are white or silver. OH, and those slacks that you can see your reflection in, yea.. no thanks!  Oh, another good one is the Affliction shirts, so You are a cage fighter? How about you show me some of your BJJ skills! Oh wait, you're telling me anyone can purchase those shirts??? Oh, and you drink so much beer you can't touch your toes?? HAHAHA!
What about the guys who wear golf apparel everywhere they go? I highly doubt when you are walking up to the club at 1130 pm, you just got off the 18th hole. I mean yea, I wear my Callaway hat and golf skirt in public, but get this! I was playing golf. Rainbows and golf shirts are not sexy, unless you are swinging your 9 on the course. Then of course there is this baggy pants, and oversized shirt epidemic! Ugh, and the jeans tucked into the expensive tennis shoes... YUCK! Again, not attractive! 

I may be old fashioned, but, I love a man in a suit, and tie.. There is something incredibly sexy about a man with a tie.. Sorry, I was having one of my David Beckham moments there. Even if they are wearing the dark washed jeans, button up, tie, with a sweater.. Yea, there it is again. Ok, before I drool all over my laptop, and shortwire the keyboard, let me get to the point! Boys, we do NOT like sloppy dressed men! Unless you are working on your car and covered in grease (heehee), doing yard work, etc, try to look nice! Even at the gym I see most men looking better than the men I see out. They are trying to impress the busty girl on the treadmill! Again boys, take it from me, try to look nice! We don't get ready thinking, "oh, I hope no one notices me tonight, maybe I shouldn't wear my pushup bra, and matching thong!" I hope someone gets something out of this :-) Goodnight, and have naughty dreams xoxoxo

Friday, June 29, 2012

Where troubles melt like lemon drops way above the chimney tops...

You know that moment, when you realize how overworked you really are, and you are like a kettle boiling on the stove.. The steam is starting to whistle, as you loose your grip on reality, and slip into a transverse world where nothing really matters anymore. I reached that point today. I broke down, I hit bottom. Now I have to pick myself back up, dust off my pants, and learn to take over my life again. I am a complete, workaholic, I love working, I love being busy, I don't know how to relax! I am also incredibly competitive! So for me to accept defeat is hard. At this time, I am take much needed personal time, away from my daily activites. I am going to focus on myself, as well as my writing. Maybe I can get this book written finally :-) It's only been three years! I am taking time off work, social events, and just relaxing. I haven't had a day off in two years, I need me time!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Excuse Me Mr. Creeper

So, friday night, I meet a girl friend of mine out at a local bar. I make my way through the slightly crowded top bar to find my friend at the back bar which is called "the yard." I find my friend talking to a man, we will call this man Max! She introduces us, and we all start talking. My friend brings up a conversation we were having earlier in the day, about  a bra that I had purchased.

Ok, so this will make sense, I will recap the earlier event for you! I had gone shopping a few days earlier, Victoria's Secret, was having their semi annual sale! I dislike shopping so in a rush to get what I wanted and get out, I grabbed a nude colored bra in my size (36D) and made a dash for the register! Well what I failed to realize is that the bra I had chosen was from their Gorgeous line! It adds two cup sizes. Which I still think is odd that they make them for D cups! This bra makes me a 36F! Umm yea, no thanks! Well earlier friday, while getting ready, I tried the bra on with the shirt I was planning on wearing that evening. The shirt wouldn't fit, due to adding two cup sizes to my already large chest! I texted my friend telling her the hilarious story about the bra, and how my shirts failed to fit, while wearing said bra!

She brings up this conversation in Max's presence, so I relay the same story I did for you! My friend leaves to fetch a drink, and leaves me with Max. Max introduces me to as I like to call him Mr. Creeper! Max looks at Creeper, and asks him to guess my bra size! Creeper looks  befuddled at the question. He then introduces himself to me, and Max points out that he is Canadian. I did not know that this conversation would lead to Mr. Creeper standing over my shoulder the entire night.

I don't understand why men, get some creepy sometimes. Do they really think we find it amusing that they stalk us out like prey? Maybe, that is just me, but, I find it menacing!