Friday, June 10, 2011

Being a single woman, is a hard life to balance. You have to juggle work, friends, family, and (trying) to live a healthy lifestyle. I was single through most of my life, all through high school, and college. Then one day, I met this guy. I thought he was the ONE, the guy who was going to sweep me off my feet. Boy, after five years, I found out I was very, very wrong. He didn't sweep me off my feet into his arms, he only sweeped me off my feet into a wall.
When I decided to leave, I moved home. I was happy to find out one of my best friends was moving back as well. When she arrived she introduced me to dating websites. So, I made a profile, uploaded a few photos, and hoped I wasn't going to meet Charlie Manson. So, a guy emailed me, Cute photos, great job, seemed really nice.  Ummm yea, so I meet him at a bar,  he was surrounded by empty cocktail glasses (and, I was early). Shortly after I arrive his speech starts slurring, and he starts yelling. I try my hardest to start acting crazy, saying things like "I always carry a knife, just in case I have to stab someone" his response "That's SO hot" No matter what I said it did not turn this guy off. Luckily I convinced him I was tired and wanted to go home. 
For some reason I decided to keep on keepin' on! Date #2  Owner of a construction company. Seemed like a nice guy, once again, cute photos. His idea for a date, Bobcats game!! Of course, I had never been to one, and being the huge sports fan that I am; I was very excited!! He then tells me he's getting courtside tickets!! I'm getting more and more excited. So I meet the guy at the arena before the game. After introducing himself he then tells me he hasn't gotten tickets yet, and need to buy them. UGH really?? He then buys floor seats from some guy off the street. Ended up being pretty good seats! Then we sit down, the game starts, I'm focused into the game! What does #2 do?? Starts talking... Once again UGH!  He's also trying to convince me, not only is he just that awesome, he is a stunt crotch rocket rider, and he busted his sprocket! I excuse myself to the ladies room. The lady that was sitting a few seats down from us approaches me, asking if it was our first date. I told her yes, she asked if there would be a second one, I smiled and said "NO" 
After the game, we meet some of my friends at a bar across the street. Luckily, I was able to ditch him. Later I find out he asked my best male friend if I was in fact a whore, and slept with a lot of guys.

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