Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nine Lives

When will friends learn to just be friends... I'm probably one of the few girls who can have guy friends who are just guy friends. They are there when I need them, a shoulder to cry on with out the reach around.  However there is the one guy friend, who If I had met him under different circumstances he would have definatley been lust material.  He's a great guy to be around, and, I love hanging out with him... Then a week ago, he looks me in the eye and tells me... "I actually like you, and like being friends with you.. but, everytime I am around you I just want to kiss you" Well, now i'm screwed! What do I do, take the chance and possibly loose an awesome friend if it doesn't work out? or remain friends, and wonder... I know typical...

Being a single woman is a lot of work, you keep your eye open at all times for that special guy, then...  you spend thirty minutes getting ready to go to the waffle house, just incase David Beckham is sitting at the bar, and his ready to leave Posh, and run away with you! (Hey! I can dream can't I??) God only knows what is in store for you!

I mean after all, I'm actually in love with someone I never fell out of love with...

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